Passing through Sibenik, the group didn’t seem to have enough of waterfalls and lakes. Sibenik is known as wind city and the first city in the world to light up streets through wind energy. The River Krka was first harnessed for this alternative energy source.


The National Park Krka with the hydroelectric power plant is a landmark here, trekking paths down small bridges and sightseeing of the waterfalls is a worthy break.


I wandered off to Skradin Island instead, the need to be alone was so rewarded, when the pesky group split to Krka waterfalls, and I took this opportunity to soak in Skradin Island, the docking area for boats to and fro to Krka falls.


There are 2 entrances to Krka National Park, the second entrance is Skradin, and from April to November visitors can be transported by boat at scheduled timings usually every hour. The Krka River with graceful swans gliding by was the beautiful setting as I landed at Skradin Pier.


The shop at Skradin near the Jetty had a profusion of multicoloured rose bush, goods from Bangkok and mainly Bali were sold and eager tourists stopped to buy hats and shorts as the sun beat down on Skradin.


I wandered off to a restaurant close by to capture some moments of solitude, relished a meal of Salmon and Avocado salad, quaffed with a pint of beer. The narrow lanes of Skradin had not a soul outside.


I finally strolled in a lane that had rows of shops, an ice cream and bakery of sorts, even a travel agency.   Near the Jetty lane there was some sign of activity, many shops, restaurants, tiny shacks selling figs and nuts, fresh strawberries etc, but deep within this sleepy island town called Skradin, life really stood still.


I visited the local church, scrambled to catch up with an elderly man and his two grandchildren, friendly as expected I kept pace with them until they reached their home. I asked him very pertinently on the deserted aspect of the island, where is everybody? He explained, that the long war-scarred much of the next generation, no one wants progeny!


The cobbled streets of Skradin, are an absolute delight to walk about, Cafes literally spill over these lanes. Walking past some ancient residential homes I stopped by to take some photos of few residents as evidence of some gathering!


I chanced upon a Travel agency Active Destination, the first local agency founded in the historically significant city of Skradin. With the purpose of increasing volume of the tourist trade and stay, mainly in Skradin and Šibenik, lijana Dragovic Madic and her husband conduct a successful agency here.


What can one say about friendly Croatians, Iijana made me so comfortable, offered me endless coffee and regaled me with stories of Skradin. The group, unfortunately, joined me here sooner than expected, and it was time for me to go.


Active Destination is the only travel agency, which bargains a concession on the lower course of the river Krka (including protected areas of Prukljan gulf and ornithological reserve Guduća). The agency’s bi-line aptly describes Skradin as – the place of adventures where river Krka kisses the Adriatic Sea!



My next stop, Split.



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