IMG_4187.JPGNext-door to Gauranga is a significant Hanuman temple. I loved the magnificent arches and niches with life-size statues of the Monkey god. Daria Hanuman has interesting curio shops leading to the main temple.


I met many ISKCON followers on this street, mainly foreigners, who flock to seek peace in this holy city, some as distant like Russia!

IMG_4198.JPGThe fervour and simplicity of Puri town are indeed very compelling, it left a void, it left me speechless, I really had to rustle up that passion and match up with the other devotees who throng these temples. I was humbled when a Russian ISKON follower replied that, I am lamenting because I haven’t been Krishna awakened! She is probably right.

IMG_4190.JPGChakra Nrusingha Temple- or Chakratirtha is located 3 Km away from Jaganatha Temple and not too far from Sonar Gauranga, is another important pilgrim centre.

IMG_4192.JPGA board at the entrance declares that the temple is the holy abode of Lord Jagannath’s  father in law.


The connection to Jagannath temple doesn’t end there, the first wood(daru) that was found floating here, was commissioned to mold the statues of Lord Jagannath and his two consorts. So also the massive Chakra that was displaced from Jagannath temple dropped here and is worshipped within the main temple.

IMG_4193 (1).JPG

The third angle interested me most, that when Mahalakshmi was peeved with the Lord concerning a domestic issue she resided here at her father’s house. Lord Jagannath had to make amends by offering her Rosogollas and to this day during the annual festival at Nrusingha, this tasty delight is made here as Prasad. Bengal really has no claims on origins of the Rosogollas the way Puri, Odisha has accomplished!

(to be concluded)


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