Melbourne Sojourn- *Laneway Alley Cat -4- Eat, Love and Foodies ​(cont)

IMG_2201.JPG Foodies ParadiseMelbourne’s alleyways reflect the distinctive flavour of diverse palates climaxing as world cuisine in various avatars. Each settler in Melbourne has left an indelible cuisine status whether it is the street lined cafés, take away joints, or exclusive restaurants. These are a few of my picks. IMG_1854.JPGLindt Chocolate café– being an avid Lindt chocolate aficionado, I gave a whoop of joy when I spotted the well-decorated and elegant Chocolate Café. A display counter at entrance level has chocolates sold in free stacks. Latest offerings of Lindt are prominently displayed at another counter and the discount counter where I purchased Lindt like never before! The café on a higher level has an exhaustive menu, which declared, “the ultimate chocolate experience”. Hot chocolate is all time favourite here, I even tried a strange combination of hot chocolate and Coffee served with Almond milk, and it was so delicious.

IMG_2482.JPG Degraves Street especially is lined with the ultimate Italian Café flair. The Coffee café culture introduced by the early Italian settlers has become endemic to Aussie culture. From Cappuccinos, Lattes to Frappes and incredible baked servings as accompaniment, I spent glorious evenings people watching.

 IMG_3945.JPGWaffee- is Waffle matches Coffee. This café tucked away on Swanston Street is another delightful café for a quick bite. Friendly staffs dish out freshly prepared waffle in an open counter.  The wafting heavenly smell of baked Belgium waffle and heady smell of fresh brewed Colombian coffee makes Waffee very popular. The stuffed Waffle filled with gooey cheese is something to crave for.vapiona.jpgVapiano- The ultimate Italian Pizzeria– situated on Flinders lane is a spacious restaurant on two levels. Famous for the most thorough, authentic range of Pizzas and Pastas, Vapiano is more famous for their hand-tossed Pizzas and neatly packed deliveries.

IMG_2410.JPGChinese Food- Continuing on the alleyways of Melbourne’s famous downtown can appear like a maze, and I reiterate even if you get disoriented, all is not lost!

IMG_1951.JPGFrom Little Bourke Street and Swanston, the laneways and alleys link the area to Lonsdale, enter Chinatown. Established in the 1850s’ it has over 100 eating eateries and is the cherry topping on the food trails of Melbourne’s gastronomical delights.

IMG_1942.JPGI was amazed that apart from the trademark dumpling and wonton restaurants that abound, there are rows of Chinese restaurants specialising in Cantonese, Schezuan, Hunan and others. The sumptuous aroma of different regions of China doesn’t clash, it’s all there to tickle the palate. South East Asian cuisine rules here, including Taiwanese Dessert Parlors, Vietnamese and the typical Sushi bars.


Melbourne downtown is crowded with food from across the globe, it has blended seamlessly into the history and culture of Australia. It’s astonishing to know that the typisch Schnitzel is yes, Aussie as much as it’s German and is the most popular pub food in Australia. Melbourne struck me as a great melting pot of diverse folks and countries that have contributed to the vibrant cityscape


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