Melbourne Sojourn- *Laneway Alley Cat -4-Eat, Love, and Foodie-

IMG_2000.JPGEat, Love and Foodie– Just as Melbourne has achieved international notoriety for its Street art and Graffiti lanes, the by lanes are also famous for Cafes, Restaurants, and Bar lounges.

IMG_2012.JPGMost of the Business establishments are located in and around the labyrinths of these lanes. It’s just not during lunch breaks that these streets are alive. It’s unrelenting rush morning, noon and night!

IMG_2227.JPGMelbourne is a foodie’s paradise, and these lanes don a vibrant, pulsating, and highly exciting nightlife, never a dull moment. 

Scouring the lanes so far I discovered incredible art, historical buildings,  food, and more food. Melbourne downtown is the real testimony of what a homogenous society can turn history its culture and cuisine to an indelible range and offering.

IMG_1896.JPGSome of the older establishments like the oldest bar lounge, the Chinese restaurants have paved way for more, and the earliest Italians who settled here introduced coffee bars that made Australians turn inveterate coffee drinkers. IMG_1848.JPGOn my first day, I weaved through Flinders Lane, then on to Degraves Street and was surprised to see a long queue outside Doughnut Time, was pleasantly surprised to know that a quick breakfast grab for people alighting from Flinders station is here! It took me 15 min to reach the counter, five minutes to imbibe the doughnut with great relish, and stood back in line for another order of the same!

IMG_1846.JPGDoughnut Time became very addictive every occasion I passed Degrave Street. On day 3 the kind lady noted my regular presence by presenting me an additional doughnut free!

IMG_1894.JPG I can’t figure out how I landed in one of the lanes to discover a quaint pub hidden away and very private. Charles Dickens Tavern is an old English pub famous for its pot roast and draft beer. Descending steep steps the manager welcomed me and expounded with great pride that the laneways are teaming with such “hide and seek” bars.

P_20161028_200240_1_p.jpgSpeaking of bar lounges and my love for even a hint of heritage tag, the next bar lounge “Madame Brussels” is indeed very unique. Situated on 59 Bourke Street, don’t be fooled by the name of Madame Brussels the infamous brothel owner of Melbourne.

P_20161028_200348_1_p.jpgThe bar lounge is derivative of the iconic Madame and inspired by her feisty ways of flagrantly running the elitist establishment in the heart of Melbourne city.

P_20161028_200330_1_p.jpgMadame Brussels bar even has a kitschy facsimile of the parlor (for private parties) replete with chaise lounge décor and cozy ambiance that the Madame had so well crafted to lure her guests.

P_20161028_200306_1_p.jpgThe rooftop Bar of Madame Brussels has the trademark parasol placed behind every table and blankets on cold wintry nights. The menu is quite interesting, cocktails unique and expensive.

-4-Eat, Love, and Foodie- cont

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