Melbourne Sojourn- *Laneway Alley Cat, discover some of the hidden gems downtown city. =2


My niece gave me great advice on my 2nd day at Melbourne, she said simply get into the grid of downtown, prowl the alleys, bi lanes, and just get lost!

IMG_1852.JPGI sure did get lost, more so by the vibrant street art, the stand-alone shops selling curios and chocolates, the thronging cafes and restaurants, the cobbled lanes barred off traffic was sheer joy to people watch.

IMG_1854.JPG Melbourne downtown has an intricate grid system called the Hoddle Grid named after the surveyor who collated it. The celebrated alleyways were a result of this.

IMG_1885.JPGVery meticulously planned it took me a week (not adequate) to cover each of the sections. The unpredictable exciting new discoveries that came along made it worth visiting downtown over and over again.

IMG_1830.JPGThe grid is further distinguished with tramlines traveling one end to the other intersections efficiently. At the Grand Junction is the iconic Flinders Street Station.

IMG_1904.JPGI suggest scouring either right or left of this junction to slip into any of the lanes and begin from this end.

IMG_2519.JPGStreet Art – can be found in Centre place, Union Lane off Bourke Street, and opposite Federation Square. Admirers from all over, tourists and locals alike crowd around these lanes and take selfies, a shutterbugs allure.

IMG_2511.JPGInterestingly Street art initiated artists a platform to showcase their talents and not overtly politicize intentions. The splash of colour and virtuous artwork showcased on these walls are astounding. Many artists who started painting on these hallowed walls have become internationally famous!

IMG_2755.JPGThe designated artist’s wall sweeps the entire lane and even frontages of few low-rise buildings facing the lane. Every once in a while sharp graffiti art takes over other times creative art.

IMG_2757.JPGPrior permission is taken to paint on these walls, it’s a constant changeover that makes master art Stroke Street so riveting.

*Laneway Alley Cat- to be cont.


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