IMG_1834.JPG Did you know that Melbourne was briefly called Batmania!! Why- In honor of founder entrepreneur John Batman.


Melbourne factoids-*Named in honor of British PM William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne.

*Officially declared a city by Queen Victoria in 1847 became the capital of newly founded colony of Victoria in 1851.


Melbourne sojourn *Laneway Alley cat, discover some of the hidden gems downtown /city.

*Idyllic Suburbia-Melbourne outskirts are startling locations, each having its unique sights and sounds.

IMG_1854.JPG*Shop Eat Shop– Epicureans Nirvana, Shoppers Paradise in many places along the streets of town/ city.

*Melting Pot like New York and other major cities, reflecting in the cuisine and culture.


*Melbourne vistas– A walking tour to soak in the history and background.

*Diverse flora and faunaThe freeway leads to some of the most dramatic landscapes and famed vineyards.


* Aussie Ozzy- slang for everything Australian and Aussie impressions.

* City LandmarksIconic state buildings, famous spots and must visit in and around Melbourne.


* Sobriquets that make Melbourne the most livable lovable city year after year.



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