Wat Mahathat- is the royal temple that houses Buddha’s relics. Situated east of the Royal Palace in Pratu Chai district central part of Ayuthayya.


The royal chronicles of Ayuthayya states that the main Pagoda was built in 1374. The temple complex was set on fire by the Burmese leading to its decay. The Wat Maha was totally abandoned during the reign of King Rama V1. Today only the base with a staircase remains.


Buddha’s Head- This next site at the ruins of Ayuthayya is most iconic. A reminder of flourishing Buddhist art and is the most fascinating and photographed image. It was once the part of a sandstone Buddha’s statue that fell off.


There is no trace of the of the body below the face on site.  Buddha’s placid face with vividly open large eyes perfectly  sculpted  got entrapped amid the snaking roots of an ancient Bodhi Tree remains.  The Buddha head appears symbolic of life’s resilience, triumph of a religion that still holds sway.


There were 14-seated statues of Buddha around the Northern wall, directly in front of the arches. Mural paintings inside the main Pagoda were a highlight but time continues to fade away whatever traces existed.


The serene statue that remains of the Buddha in a classic meditative pose, seated on a lotus base is imposing within the ruins.


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