Thailand boasts of ancient history spanning over 1000 years, as the guide reels of facts the next stop is significant. Before bustling Bangkok became the capital of Thailand, the provinces of Sukhothai, Thonburi, and Ayuthayya were the capitals.


The old city of Ayuthayya witnessed the Golden era of over 4 centuries. During that time there was prolific development of art and culture, palaces, public buildings a definitive reflection of strong trade and economically secure capital.


The ruins of Ayuthayya are a grand reminder of the splendor and reserved witness of antiquity that stood the ravages of time and constant wars. The guide carefully takes us around showing us iconic buildings, statues and enunciating the bygone era that Thailand is proud of.


From Bang Pa In Palace, Ayuthayya is half hour away stepping deep into the interiors of Bangkok’s countryside. The bus stops a distance away and a sidewalk takes you to the ruins of Ayuthayya.


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