Sikkim -The Switzerland Of India

In conclusion one can write paeans on Sikkim. This beautiful Himalayan state impressed me so much that I am coming back for more. Pelling and  North of Sikkim really merits another visit.

IMG_0407.JPGSikkim was like a window to North East India casting up avenues to explore deeper to other states like Arunachal, Meghalaya, the 7 sister states got to be on the wish list.

IMG_2908.JPGSikkim made me realize that the initial inertia of reaching Gangtok can be overlooked, the friendly people, heavenly weather, squeaky clean streets, flora and fauna makes Sikkim the most preferred destination in North East India.

IMG_2716.JPGSoon to launch- Pakyong Airport is underway in South Gangtok. Under aegis of Airport Authority of India, the airport is located in Pakyong village and will be the first for the state of Sikkim.

IMG_2750.JPGMy neighbor working for AAI and stationed in Pakyong for several years, was saying that if it wasn’t for locals objecting to the project and other natural calamities delayed the maiden project due in December 2016. It will now be launched latter half of 2017.


The airport will be a much-needed impetus for the already booming tourism that is present in Sikkim. It will bring other Northeastern states closer to explore, it will improve trade ties with other states, and the impact on tourism will be immense. Presently the nearest airport is Bagdogra, located in West Bengal and Paro airport in Bhutan.


Text / Photos Jyoti Shetty.


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