IMG_0635.JPGSouth Sikkim proliferates with massive statues, and a preferred pilgrim route for most tourists. From many colossal icons already visited to yet another last one en route to Gangtok and MG Road mall.


The Buddha Park of Ravangala as its popularly known or Tathagata Tsal, is situated near Rabong less than an hour away from Gangtok. What fascinated me was the natural unveiling of the 130 Ft high copper Buddha that lay hidden behind heavy mist. Highly recommend doing this round first than keep it last because most hilltop placed statues are often shrouded in mist, evenings can be erroneous timing.


The panoramic view as you enter Buddha Park in spite of heavy fog was spectacular. The entire garden complex can be viewed on a high entrance podium, do soak in the view. The mist played truant and as if by divine intervention a ray of sunlight sprayed over the entire area. As you step down, a Km or more march to the main towering shimmering statue, is magical!


The Buddha Park was unveiled by the Dalai Lama in 2013, and has gained great significance as Buddhist circuit in addition to the two important monasteries that exist here in Rabong.


I really wish I were not in a hurry to leave having spent considerable time waiting for the mist to clear up, that I deeply regret not entering the temple beneath the huge Buddha statue!



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