Sikkim- The Switzerland of India-19-22


 MG Road Mall is straight out of a postcard, so quaint and buzzing with tourists. Running a length of 2Km, the cobbled mall is free of any traffic, and has seating benches both sides of the central blooming landscape garden. The profusion of Rhododendrons claim space, as it’s the national tree of Sikkim.


I was tired and people watching here is a great pastime, I plonked myself on one of the benches, and under the setting sun took some candid photos of people, the flower display and the distant hills.


 MG Road mall is centrally located and boasts of great dining restaurants, cafes, and stand-alone hole in the wall shops. Chinese curios swamp the shops here, porcelains/ceramics, feng shui products, bags and shoes, I had a tough time searching for Sikkim’s crafts and arts.

IMG_2722.JPG Sikkim Tourism office is end of this road, I consulted my next exploration in and around Gangtok. The scent of flowers is so heady here that it was a daily ritual to end my evenings at the mall.


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