IMG_0823.JPGEntering Gangtok on Day 1 was as charming as the drive from Darjeeling to the capital. Neatly paved, barricaded footpaths winding along the roads. Cornucopia of flowering pots under every lamppost and traffic signal placements greet tourists with a colorful burst and display of seasonal flowers.


What impressed me most were the discreet hoardings apart from declaring Sikkim as the Switzerland of India, there were others that declared penalty for littering the roads. Sikkim diligently prides itself to maintain the city beautiful, and no jay walking!IMG_0828.JPGThe streets, apart from being neatly positioned and well preserved are quite unpopulated a far cryfrom Darjeeling. I instantly fell in love with Gangtok.

IMG_0832.JPGLuckily the heavenly weather just stayed on throughout my stay here. Gangtok is situated at an altitude of 6000ft, and boasts of mild temperate climate all year round. With a population of just over 2 lakhs, the cross section constitutes Indo Nepalis, Lepchas and Bhutias, majority of the workforce seem Nepalis, and I also met many from other surrounding states peacefully settled here.


The scented misty walk after I checked in just cleared path enough to land up at the epicenter, MG Road mall.


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