IMG_2699.JPGMost tourists stop by at the Teesta Rangit confluence viewpoint to admire the view. The green verdant hills and the rivers as it meets, meanders round curves and bends can be seen miles away and beyond. A comfortable outpost (san restrooms) is created for a Chai point, there are many tea stalls, warm cup of tea is served with biscuits, the last point for Darjeeling tea, as the road trip climb further it is Sikkim tea!

IMG_2863.JPG Considered the lifeline of Sikkim the river originates in the Himalayas and flows all through Sikkim downwards to Darjeeling and West Bengal. The drive skirting the banks of this mighty confluence of the river is memorable.

IMG_2803.JPG The water under Teesta Bridge due to a dam built distance away had turned into an emerald green, my driver who takes this route daily was saying how the water changes colors constantly depending on the dam flood gates.{CONT}

  1. Best word I can think of to describe this is ‘beautiful’, thank you for posting the pictures and the information.

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