Indophiles Carole and Norman came to Goa on a holiday and never returned to their country of origin. Their homestay Casa Susegad is a reflection of their love for Goa and everything that Goa stands for. Irish born Norman succinctly puts it as, ” Blissful state of mind, that’s what Susegad and Goa stands for “. 

Susegad is in South Goa, Salcete (pass Margao, then Loutolim) is a sleepy town just as the rest of Goa is. The drive is equally laid back through picturesque rice fields and surround hills. Finding Casa Susegad was easy I kept referring it to the Blue House belonging to Norman and Carole. We were greeted by Casa’s menagerie of Dogs, Cats and smiling welcoming hugs of the warmest couple I have ever met this side of South Goa.​

​We wasted no time opening cans of beer at the cosy bar of Casa Susegad, I commented to Carole,that it reflects a true English pub and wondered if she misses home. Casa is truly such a comfortable homestay where the owners are privileged to have the best of both worlds and yet consider it their Home before their country of origin, “Good Karma” as Carole declares.

Casa Susegad has five rooms all within the confines of the main house and surrounds the large swimming pool. Spacious grounds even a walking track up the gentle slopes in front of this Portuguese house appears so appealing, lush and green cover all around. The Dining room is large and full of photos and memorabilia and so very British. The cuisine served here is a bit of Portuguese, Goan and Indian food, great desserts and a lavish spread. Don’t miss the large portraits of the Portuguese owners of Casa Susegad at the entrance on either side. Mi Casa Tu Casa , is home away from home in Blissful Susegad, Goa.


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