Follow The Path to Heaven in Bali- concl

Our tour guide John sums up what Hinduism in Bali meant to him and in general very succinctly. According to him every Balinese lives in fear of natural calamities that strikes Indonesia constantly, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis being the most dreaded. Every Balinese, rich or poor observes daily rituals, small shrines near doorways to every household is a complete must, prayers on important days like the full moon, new moon is mandatory. All this has lent stability, peace, prosperity and a sense of great pride that this independent Hindu island is allowed to practice while the rest are predominant Muslims. To most, that is what makes them immortalize the religion to every passing generation and to remain so without many clashes is the greatness that Hinduism has prospered in Bali. Ironically, much of the world around even those practicing Hinduism ,this advantage has not passed on to the very day, and to think this was imported from India!bali funeral 7Text/Photo – JYOTI SHETTY PONNAPPA












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