Monthly Archives: January 2015

I believe we Indians need to expand our horizon. We need to understand how beautiful it is to protect our wilderness, increase our forests. Reduce the man animal conflict. This will only happen when we visit countries like Africa, especially those that have managed to retain all their tribal culture, ethos , retained their wilderness and forests. We Indians need to understand how wealth and happiness are not related. We need to appreciate what we have. Africa especially has mastered the art of taking you back in time and keeping you there, all with present day luxuries. If you need to be amongst pristine wilderness, yet be pampered and spoilt then “Come With Me To Africa”. AND PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO EBOLA IN EAST OR SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!! 2015 has the following trips to Africa- 1- Tanzania Zanzibar.* 2- Uganda 3- South Africa- **4- Kenya. (photos courtesy Thokozela Kenya)


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