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bison crossing riverWhen one goes off the beaten tracks of a Safari to see the original inhabitants of Tanzania, it’s like going back in time, it’s like finding that missing link. Africa being the cradle of civilization, that majestic land of endless horizons, where each setting sun merits its own painting, simply has no parallels. Traders, explorers, hunters, for short periods of time along with the Maasai have blessed this land with a unique character of its own. It is the land of adventure, raw, savage and yet surprisingly sedate. In this land of the Kikuyu, Hadzabe, Datoga tribes the earth was torn apart by catastrophic forces creating the Great Rift Valley. It is the only place in the world where elephants drink off springs fed by snows on the very equator. Here lies the source of the mighty Nile, which has fascinated the world since centuries, a fascination which perhaps led to the colonization of the continent herself. One presumes, explorations precede occupation and though Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are independent today, they have retained the grandeur and romance of their colonial past. Africa especially has mastered the art of taking you back in time and keeping you there, all with present day luxuries. If you need to be amongst pristine wilderness, yet be pampered and spoilt then come to Africa.

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9 days Tanzania- AUG-SEPT 225

Day 1:On arrival at Arusha or JRO you’ll be met by Wild Planet(T)
Safaris representative (Guide)who will brief you about your
itinerary. Overnight at Planet lodge.

Day 2:After breakfast drive through Arusha  Town into open grass
plains of Southern Maasailand into Tarangire National Park,
The fifth Largest park derives its name from Tarangire river
which flows through the park to provide the only permanent
supply of water for game in the area. The Park is at its best
during the dry season (July to October) when the  animals
leave the harsh, denuded  plains to congregate along the
river.This behaviour caused the park to become known as a
‘retreat house’ for wildlife.
On entering the Park the first thing to catch the eye are the
vast numbers of baobab trees seen everywhere.Rising above the
long grass of the gently rolling countryside, they provide
shade for the animals that feed beneath them.After lunch stop
continue with game viewing. Dinner and overnight at Tarangire Sopa Lodge

Day 3:Further game viewing this morning, there is possibility of
seeing the great silale swamp with its shores filled with
exotic birds and several lion prides, the heavy woods in the
park is perfect habitat for leopard, and in Tarangire they
are among the largest found on the circuit. Picnic lunch in
the Park and in the afternoon drive to Karatu dinner and overnight at Kudu lodge

Day 4:Dawn game drive at Ngorongoro Crater, you’ll make a quick
descent and once on the floor you’ll understand why
many writers have described it as a “Garden of Eden”. Within
the Crater is a surprising variety of game, all easily
accessible to the tourist. Unconcerned prides of lions roll
under wheels of landcruisers with their excited observers,
nonchalantly posing for photographs. Large herds of
Wildebeest roam around the crater walls, a rhino jerks up its
head to gaze in blind irritation at an intruding vehicle, an
ostrich strides among herds of zebra and gazelle,while pair
of crowned cranes feeds near a pool of water, Elephant and
Buffalo seek the denser vegetation, Spotted hyena and
jackals rest in the shade of mounds or dens.Enjoy your lunch
at Ngoitoktok picnic site where kites wait to scavenge
titbits, they even go so far to snatch food from picnikers
hands if given a chance, care should therefore be taken not
to wave food about. Later in the afternoon drive to Ndutu Safari Lodge
for dinner and overnight.
Day 5:After breakfast head out through great plains though its dry
at this time of the year but still few animal species survive
around here, giraffes, hippos, Elephants, gazelle and some
cats can also be seen here, after lunch proceed to central
Serengeti for dinner and overnight at Serengeti Savanna Tented Camp
Day6 & 7:This day is spend exploring this magnificent wilderness,
you’ll see abundant game on the plains, in the woodlands and
Kopjes and possibly near the great rivers like Grumeti.The
Serengeti is vast place many safaris link themselves to a
certain lodge and spend only a few  hours outside it search
ing for game , but we’ve dedicate to find you the optimum
game viewing, the greatest collection of animals on earth!
Your guide will have the most current information and he may
suggest you to go out all day.And then again you might not
have to as large number of animals may be found right out
side your door step! You could spend  a month in the
Serengeti and not see it all.But we are convinced after this
brief introduction you’ll understand why “Serengeti Shall
not Die” In our best effort to get you as close to the great
herds as possible.Tonight you’ll either lodge at
Lobo Wildlife lodge or at one of the tented camp  around the northern Serengeti

Day 8:After breakfast game drive en-route across central Serengeti then
Ngorongoro Conservation Area to the town of Karatu again for your overnight at
Kudu Lodge or Bouganvilier Safari Lodge.

Day 9:After breakfast head out for shopping on the way to the Airport or you will
also have option of visiting Lake Manyara on this day for those who will be
having evening flight back home!
Text Photos- Jyoti Shetty and Nala Ponnappa   ****



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